Sunday, March 23, 2014

Free Skype Credit

Since ten years ago, we have always looked for ways to contact our friends or family completely free. We tried Windows Live Messenger, but it wasn’t enough. In 2002, a great instant messaging client arrived on the Internet, called Skype.

As you may already know, Skype allows you to chat or to call anyone who has a Skype account. Today we consider this feature as nothing special, but when it arrived for the first time, it was unbelievable. For this reason, Skype became everyday more used, up to the 2013 when was bought by Microsoft.

Using my Skype account, can I call my friends who don’t have a Skype account?

Of you course you can. There is only a problem: you need Skype Credit. Take a wild guess…what could be the problem associated with Skype Credit? You have to pay real money to have it! Before talking about the best method to have free Skype Credit, let’s see the features that Skype Credit offers:

  • Send SMS messages from your Skype account at very low rates.

    We all know how much annoying can be the autocorrect on our phone, so why get pissed off when you can write your message on the keyboard?

  • Call landlines and worldwide spending a few pennies.

    Nowadays always more parents or friends are abroad for various reasons, and you may want to call them to have a little talk or anything you want. Phone companies impose you to pay a lot of money even for a short call, but now with Skype Credit you’ll have almost all your precious money in your pocket!

  • Call forwarding to a mobile or landline.

    If you aren’t on Skype and someone is calling you, the call will get forwarded and you will be able to pick up the phone. Obtain the access to a net of two million WiFi hotspot worldwide, paying only for the minutes you use with Skype Credit.

Now you know all the interesting features the Skype Credit offers, let’s get down to the bass tracks.

How to get free Skype Credit?

Our team have found a way to satisfy ourselves and our visitors. After a few weeks of research, we were able to become affiliated with a site that offer Skype Credit and other free stuff. The secret of its founders it’s that they take advantages of a share on Facebook or any other social network to earn money. With that cash, they are able to thank their visitors offering something useful, just like free Skype Credit.

Yes, but…what CONCRETELY I have to do?

There are three quick step:

  1. share the site on any social network you want;
  2. redeem your Skype Credit;
  3. enjoy its features.
There is nothing more to do. It’s as simple as that.

I’m in the clear with this Skype Credit?

Since that site buys Skype Credit directly from the official Skype site, you’ll not have any kind of problems. It doesn’t use Skype credit generator, because it doesn’t exist (so avoid who claims to have it)!

So what are you waiting for? Go to redeem your Skype Credit and enjoy your free Skype calls!

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